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Riverside County COVID-19 Cases (Updated Daily Mon-Fri)


Explanations on activities from the state

Please note, these are responses from the state and pertain to the state’s orders

Local CRV redemption centers are included in permitted recycling operations.

The list of Essential Workforce and any updates made to it can be found here: and all available information as to the stages can be found:

Skydiving businesses are not currently permitted to operate.

Please continue to follow the Governor’s orders and updates here

Two seat boats may be rented to people from the same household.

The list of Essential Workforce and any updates made to it can be found here: and all available information as to the stages can be found:

As to the interactive water features, parks may be closed to prevent the spread of the virus, please check with the local officials as to whether a park in question is closed. If the park is open, then the interactive water feature may be permitted with proper social distancing.

As to the two proposals pertaining to picnics, picnics are currently only permitted with stay at home household members only.

As to the drive through mobile graduation, drive in or drive through options are permissible as long as social distancing is in place and only members of the same households are in the same car.

The list of Essential Workforce and any updates made to it can be found here: and all available information as to the stages can be found:

Florists are permitted in Stage 2 under curbside retail starting with curbside pickup and delivery only until further notice.

Please find any updates or changes to the list of essential workforce here and updates or changes to the stages here

Summer camps for children, with or without restriction are not permitted.

Please find any updates or changes to the stages here

Mass gatherings are not permitted under the Stay-at-Home order.

Please find any updates or changes to the stages here

Drive in and drive through gatherings are permissible as long as all public health precautions and social distancing is maintained and only member of the same household are in the same car.

You can find more information and updates to the list and FAQ here

These are permitted in Stage 2, regardless of whether a county has a variance and are considered curbside retail.

Outdoor dining is not permitted in counties without a variance.

You can follow the latest information about what is only open in variance counties here

Wedding ceremonies (religious or non-religious) are permitted following the Place of Worship guidance
Indoor venues are limited to 25% of capacity or 100 people whichever is fewer. Outdoor venues are limited by their natural limits depending on the size of the space that permits the distancing required in the guidance and approved by the local health officer.

Wedding receptions/parties are not permitted at this time.
When larger gatherings and receptions will be permitted will depend on public health metrics and cannot be predicted in advance. Please continue to follow the reopening of the state here

A car parade is permissible as long as individuals stay in cars with household members and there are no crowds gathering. See gathering guidance:

Sideline cheer, band, drumline or other supporting groups are not allowed to attend sporting events at this time.”

This should be distinguished from competitive cheer, where cheerleading is the main focus of the event, and which *is* permitted in the red tier. I know we’ve had “show me” messages from parents, so they can be directed to read the guidance for themselves. The rationale, as I’ve said, is simply too many people on the field at once.

Escape rooms are not yet permitted to operate. They will be addressed in a later guidance.

Please continue to monitor the Governor's site as all available information as to the stages can be found:

Solo singers and instrumentalists would fall under performance/entertainment and is currently not permitted in restaurants, bars, and wineries under the guidance.

Hot Air Ballon Companies are permitted to operate under Limited Services. It is limited to one household, provided physical distancing is possible in the basket between the household and the pilot/staff.

See limited services guidance here:

Gatherings are currently not permitted. Please see the Q & A on the Covid-19 site on gatherings: "State public health directives prohibit professional, social and community gatherings. Gatherings are defined as meetings or other events that bring together persons from multiple households at the same time for a shared or group experience in a single room, space, or place such as an auditorium, stadium, arena, large conference room, meeting hall, or other indoor or outdoor space. They pose an especially high danger of transmission and spread of COVID-19."

Toolkits (Updated 04.20.21)

A Message from the Health Department

One of the most important ways we have to combat the spread of illness like coronavirus is through education and information from reliable sources.  It’s vital that we provide science-based details about how the illness is spread, as well as updates on what health officials are doing to protect the health of residents of Riverside County.

This webpage was created to provide you with information about our preparedness activities and the latest news and updates about coronavirus and related issues from reputable sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We understand there is anxiety during uncertain times, but RUHS – PH wants you to know we are working to protect the community’s health.


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