National Public Health Accreditation

The Riverside University Health System–Public Health department has joined numerous other local public health departments across the nation to achieve two goals:

  • Improve agency quality and performance, and;
  • Ensure that agencies are accountable to their governing bodies, policymakers and the communities they serve.

Public health accreditation provides consistent standards so that people in different states, counties and regions have access to the same range and quality of services. Accreditation also helps maximize scarce resources by encouraging strategic investments to improve community health, demonstrate accountability to residents and elected officials and spur innovation as departments work together to meet the needs of our people.

The national accreditation program is currently voluntary and officially began in 2011 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Riverside County Board of Supervisors authorized Susan Harrington, our Public Health Director, to initiate our national public health accreditation application process in September 2014. We submitted our application to the Public Health Accreditation Board in October of 2015 and will spend most of 2016 gathering the requisite materials to demonstrate our proficiency for hundreds of measures across twelve domains, which were founded on the Ten Essential Services of Public Health. 

The multi-year process includes obtaining public and community partners' input to develop a number of new assessments which can be found on our new community data portal SHAPE Riverside County, including:

  • Community Health Assessment (analyzing our health outcomes for gaps in equity)
  • Community Health Improvement Plan (creates a framework for addressing health priorities and achieving health equity for all)
  • Local Public Health Systems Assessment (how well are the many agencies that provide services across the public health system working together)

In addition, the Riverside University Health System–Public Health department has created the documents below to guide our work and showcase internal activities that will ultimately lead to improved health across the communities we serve.

  • Strategic Plan (aligns departmental initiatives with community health improvement goals)
  • Workforce Development Plan (assures the availability of health professionals and improving standards of practice)
  • Quality Improvement Plan (achieves measurable improvements in the efficiency, effectiveness and equity of population health services through continuous and ongoing efforts)

To participate in these planning and implementation efforts, please contact Kevin Meconis, MPH, at or at 951-358-5561.